‘We’ll be world’s greenest SUV brand’: Jeep

Fancy owning an electric Jeep? You mightn’t have to wait too long if Jeep’s global president Christian Meunier has his way with the brand to offer an electric variant on on “all models” by 2022.

As an aggressive company overhaul begins in earnest at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Australia to arrest the sales downturn and repair the company’s rattled reputation, Mr Meunier said the global company’s aim was to have electric options – including PHEV and BEV – for all of its vehicles worldwide in a little over two years. And, yes, that includes the company’s hardcore off-roaders.

He was speaking during an opening address at a Jeep event held in Queenstown, New Zealand that included drive time for Australian journalists in US-spec versions of the company’s dual-cab ute, the Gladiator – but more about that later.

The plans for Jeep electric vehicles were highlighted as fundamental to the brand’s rapid and sweeping global consolidation.

“We’re going to really accelerate the electrification of Jeep. We’re going to do that very, very quickly,” Mr Meunier said.

“The mission is: greenest SUV brand in the world, that’s our mission, but also the most capable and the most fun to drive off-road and on-road.”

No details of future roll-outs of electric Jeep variants were available at the event, but the brand has already shown plug-in versions of its Renegade small crossover and one-size larger Compass SUV.

A plug-in Wrangler is also on the cards that is expected to break cover next year, while the Gladiator ute is based on the same platform as aforementioned iconic Jeep nameplate.

Petrol-electric hybrid options are also expected to be made available as well, but which electric technology Jeep employs in which models is still unclear.

Recent reports indicated a new-generation Grand Cherokee will begin production in 2021, while new variants of the Cherokee are also expected to be revealed some time next year.