This Porsche Traykan might be the world’s craziest ute idea

Lusting after a premium ute now that the Mercedes-Benz X-Class has hit the scrap heap? The Porsche Traykan is here to answer your prayers.

Well, kind of. Yes, electric utes are very much a thing right now (think Rivian R1T or Tesla’s Cybertruck), but this is a mere imagining of what a tray-backed Taycan (or Traykan) could look like, and it’s pulled straight from the imagination of artist Adel Bouras.

But while it’s not official, it would be absolutely wild. Remember, the Porsche Taycan Turbo S is home to two electric motors, one housed at each axle, producing a combined 460kW. Which is a lot. And when you engage launch control, a whopping 560kW and 1050Nm is unlocked for an eyebrow-peeling 2.5-second blast.

That’s enough grunt to deliver a 100km/h sprint in a scarcely believable 2.8 seconds, get from zero to 160km/h in 6.3 seconds, or from a standing start to 200km/h in 9.8 seconds.

Better still, its 93.4kWh battery promises WLTP range of 412km, and plugged into the right charger, the battery can go from five to 80 per cent charged in around 22 minutes.

Sadly, this is all largely academic. Because will Porsche ever make a ute? Probably not. But we can dream, right?