Nissan Patrol V8 safe! No immediate plan for Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Series-style smaller engine as Nissan boss declares “I love the V8”

The Nissan Patrol looks set to retain its V8 engine, at least for now, with the brand’s Australian arm promising there was no immediate plan in place to electrify the iconic off-roader.

That’s the word from Nissan Australia boss Stephen Lester, who told CarsGuide he “loves the (V8) engine”, guaranteeing the eight-cylinder engine would appear in in the incoming Patrol Warrior, which will launch later this year.

While he wouldn’t rule out an eventual move to hybrid technology as emissions regulations continue to tighten their grip on the automotive industry, Mr Lester says there is no plan in place to look at downsizing the Patrol’s engine, for this generation or the next.

The only engine currently on offer in the Patrol is a thumping 5.6-litre petrol V8, producing a considerable 298kW and 560Nm. And that powertrain has one very important fan in Mr Lester.

“As far as what I think of the current V8, I love it,” he says. “I hope we stick with it. It certainly answers a question a lot of consumers are asking.

“That being said, it would be remiss not to think that the great engineers we’ve got can’t marry the technology – whether it be hybrid, electrification or whatever – into another power plant that could do as good or a better job.

“One of the things we have to be conscientious of is the idea of V6, V8, V12 – it’s not the only way to do things to things going forward. We’ve seen more advancement in the past 10 years than we have in the last 50.

“But there are no plans in the imminent time period.

“Patrol as a vehicle, we’ll always have our hands up for it, for Australians who travel, who tow, who want to get across the Outback.”

His thoughts are echoed by Nissan’s global head of design, Alfonso Albaisa, who told Japanese media the next Patrol would received key technology updates, but not electrification.

“We will also install Nissan Intelligence Mobility on patrol,” he said. “Since the patrol is not an EV, we will issue it in a consistent manner in the future, but it will be slightly different.”

In the meantime, Nissan Australia is hard at work on the next member of its Warrior family, with the Patrol to join the Navara by the end of the year.

“We’re moving along as per plan, and I look forward to having something to talk about in more detail fairly soon. Definitely this year,” he says.

“It’ll be focused on ride, handling and design.”