New VW Golf GTI 2020 boosted to Hyundai i30 N-crushing 283kW/510Nm

Disappointed that the new-generation Golf GTI won’t be receiving a power boost? Well, aftermarket tuners Mountune might have the answer you are looking for.

The brand, known famously for fettling with go-fast Fords, has launched the Stage 2+ kit for the current-generation Golf GTI, lifting outputs from 180kW/370Nm to 283kW/510Nm.

To liberate the extra performance from the GTI’s 2.0-litre turbo-petrol engine, Mountune has thrown in the VW Golf R’s IS38 turbocharger, spark plugs and oil filter, as well as a retune of the ECU.

As a result, the front-drive Golf GTI with Stage 2+ kit can accelerate from zero to 100km/h in just 5.2 seconds, 0.3s quicker than the all-wheel-drive 213kW/380Nm Golf R.

The Mountune tuned Golf GTI also easily eclipse rivals such as the 197kW/350Nm Subaru WRX, 205kW/390Nm Renault Megane RS280 Sport and 202kW/353Nm Hyundai i30 N.

In fact, so potent is the Stage 2+ kit, the Golf GTI even outmuscles the 225kW/450Nm BMW M135i xDrive and 225kW/400Nm Mercedes-AMG A35.

Owners in hot weather climates however, will also need to upgrade the induction system, exhaust and intercooler to maintain higher engine outputs, according to Mountune, while 99RON fuel is also needed.

Buyers will also receive an mTune handset which offers extra vehicle monitoring features such as a datalogger and performance measuring.

According to the brand, the kit has been “through a rigorous testing and development process over thousands of miles, ensuring that the durability of the kit matches the high standards of the previous upgrades”.

The full Stage 2+ kit is priced at £2062.50 ($A4175.54), while the kit minus the mTune handset is £1749.17 ($A3541.20).