New Toyota RAV4 Hybrid 2020 supply to increase! Thousands of extra fuel-efficient SUVs due soon

The fifth-generation Toyota RAV4 has been selling like hotcakes since its Australian launch last May, so much so that its new hybrid variants have been subject to unprecedented delivery times, but they will significantly improved in the second half of this year.

Toyota Australia has secured incremental supply of the RAV4 Hybrid mid-size SUV from its Japanese factory. In fact, 8000 additional units will arrive in local dealerships from July.

According to the company, specific volumes will confirmed monthly, but rest assured delivery times will be decreased from their previous average high of about six months.

While its demand hasn’t reached the same levels, the Camry Hybrid mid-size sedan will also get reduced delivery times thanks to additional supply arriving during the same period.

“Demand for hybrids, particularly RAV4, has skyrocketed over the past year due to their combination of performance and economy, but that has unfortunately meant some customers have faced extended delays in receiving their vehicles,” said Toyota Australia sales and marketing boss Sean Hanley.

“We appreciate the support of our parent company in helping us to address this issue by agreeing to provide us with more hybrids to help us better serve our customers – and we thank affected customers for their patience and loyalty.”

Hybrid variants currently represent nearly a quarter of Toyota Australia’s sales this year, with the RAV4 leading from the front.