New Tesla Model X and Model S 2020 get ‘cheetah stance’ launch control for improved acceleration

Tesla has introduced another software update for its all-electric Model X SUV and Model S sedan, this time improving their off-the-line acceleration.

Applying to examples fitted with adaptive suspension, dubbed Raven, the software update adds a ‘cheetah stance’ to the pair’s launch control system.

Designed to improve traction, the ‘cheetah stance’ sees the front axle lowered and damping adjusted, resulting in the rear end being positioned higher.

Tesla is yet to confirm its new acceleration claims for the Model X and Model S, but YouTube channel DragTimes has already put the ‘cheetah stance’ to test, and the difference it found was shocking.

The Model S Performance it sampled sprinted from a standstill to 60mph (97km/h) in a hypercar-scaring 2.41 seconds – a 0.06s improvement. While minuscule on paper, several hundredths of a second go a long way in a drag race.

That said, the most staggering part of the software update is the output upgrades it ushers in, with DragTimes finding the Model S Performance’s peak power has been increased from 580kW to 614kW, although it only remains available with launch control engaged.

Speaking of which, launch control is now easier to engage, only requiring the suspension to be set to its Low mode, the brake pedal to be firmly pushed and the accelerator pedal to be fully pressed and held until the “Launch Mode enabled” message appears on the display.

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