Microsoft and Bridgestone unlock new tyre safety tech that could prevent car crashes

Bridgestone has partnered with Microsoft to further develop tyre monitoring technology, producing the world’s first system that can detect damage to the rubber in real time.

An evolution of the tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) found in many cars today, Bridgestone’s tyre damage monitoring system uses existing sensor data and algorithms on the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform (MCVP) to monitor the surface and degradation of rubber.

Driver’s will be alerted in real time of any damage, therefore mitigating any risk of serious incident such as a blowout or puncture, as well notifying them of worn and bald tyres.

In addition to logging data for when tyre damage has occurred, the new technology will also look at where it has happened, painting a broader picture of road conditions and whether the infrastructure needs to be repaired.

“Future autonomous vehicles could also beneficiaries of the system – as vehicles pass information about local hazards to others in the vicinity, as well as cloud data stores,” according to the Bridgestone release.

The tyre damage monitoring system is available to all vehicles and fleets that use MCVP, which includes the Volkswagen’s ID family of electric vehicles, and future connected cars from the RenaultNissanMitsubishi Alliance.

Bridgestone boss Laurent Dartoux said Microsoft was the obvious partner of choice to bring this new tech to market.

“By teaming with Microsoft, we have the opportunity to bring our tyre damage monitoring system to millions of drivers, offering them better safety and peach of mind,” he said.

Meanwhile, Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform boss Tara Prakriya said Bridgestone’s new system should pave the way for more advancements in the future.

“Using MCVP, Bridgestone has created tyre damage monitoring system that offers a remarkable contribution to road safety and proves how the collaboration between industry leaders can unlock new business opportunities ahead,” she said.