MG takes on Tesla with E-Motion: New Chinese EV to offer supercar speed and 500km range

The MG E-Motion is taking shape, with new prototype drawings of the Tesla-fighting EV hitting the web ahead of an expected 2021 launch. 

The E-Motion is the Chinese brand’s take on an electric coupe – a slinky, two-door design that promises blistering performance and impressive range.

First revealed in concept from back in 2017, the E-Motion was first scheduled for launch in 2020, but the smart money is on a 2021 debut for the all-electric speedster. 

And if it lives up to that concept’s promise – in sad news, the skyward-opening front doors appear to have been scrapped – then it might just prove worth the wait.

While light on the tech details, MG has promised the E-Motion is promised to deliver a range of around 500kms, as well as a impressive sprint to 100km/h of just 4.0secs. 

MG hyped up the electric coupe as an “exciting grand tourer concept vehicle features ‘Black Technology’, and is based on SAIC Motor’s all-electric platform” that “represents an exciting and bold future for the brand”.