LDV T60 Mega Tub 2020 confirmed for Australia: Long-wheelbase, big tub ute here to take Toyota HiLux sales!

The LDV T60 Mega Tub has been confirmed for Australia, with the new mid-spec dual-cab ute adding a longer wheelbase and a class-leading tub to appeal to customers who need extra space in the back.

The LDV T60 Mega Tub model will be offered purely in Luxe spec, with pricing set at $34,990 drive-away for ABN holders – just $1500 more than the standard length T60 Luxe.

LDV claims the extra tub length – now 1800mm long, up 215mm on the standard model – makes it an ideal option for trailbike riders to store their two-wheeler upright, or tradies who want to stow six-foot ladders without fitting racks. The Mega Tub is fitted as standard with a tray liner, and the company has confirmed it will be offering a genuine accessory hard tonneau cover and a roller top, too.

The Chinese maker says the T60 Luxe Mega Tub variant is the longest wheelbase (315mm – or 10 per cent – longer, now 3470mm) and longest OEM tub in the ute class aside from the Ram 1500, and that it is “longer than both the SsangYong Musso XLV and upcoming VW Amarok XL” – the latter of which isn’t a factory-offered model, and could cost as much as $15,000 more than the regular model. The T60 Mega Tub is offered direct from the factory, and LDV says both will be rolling down the same production line – being built concurrently – to ensure steady supply. 

It will remain motivated by a 2.8-litre four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine producing 110kW of power and 360Nm of torque, both of which are low outputs for the class. It has the choice of six-speed manual or six-speed automatic, no matter the wheelbase or body length, and all LDV T60 models for 2020 are four-wheel drive

According to LDV, the T60 Mega Tub’s payload capacity is better than the standard-wheelbase Luxe, which offers 875 kilograms of carrying capacity for the manual, and 815kg for auto. For the Mega Tub, it’s 930kg for the manual and 900kg for the auto. Towing capacity for the LDV T60 Mega Tub is unchanged, at 750kg for an unbraked trailer and 3000kg for a braked trailer.

“Size matters and by bringing the T60 Luxe Mega Tub to market we’re broadening our offering in the most competitive segment in Australia,” said LDV Australia general manager, Dinesh Chinnappa. 

“It’s clear owners want a vehicle that blurs the lines between weekend lifestyle and week-day workhorse. The T60 Luxe Mega Tub is the perfect ute to do just that – and a premium of just $1,500 over a regular T60 means it’s significantly better value than any other LWB ute in the segment.” 

While the extra wheelbase should help steady the ride of the LDV T60, the brand has also announced it will now roll out the existing Trailrider suspension tune – done by Walkinshaw Automotive – to all LDV ute models.

Customers will be able to get their hands on an LDV T60 Luxe Mega Tub model from December 2019. 

LDV T60 2020 pricing (drive-away, for ABN holders):

Model Price
Pro 4×4 2.8-litre diesel manual $28,990
Pro 4×4 2.8-litre diesel automatic $30,990
Luxe 4×4 2.8-litre diesel manual $33,490
Luxe 4×4 2.8-litre diesel auto $35,490
Luxe Mega Tub 4×4 2.8-litre diesel manual $34,990
Luxe Mega Tub 4×4 2.8-litre diesel auto $36,490
Trailrider 4×4 2.8-litre diesel manual $36,990
Trailrider 4×4 2.8-litre diesel auto $36,990