Jeep introduces new capped-price servicing plans for 2020 SUVs

Jeep Australia has introduced new capped-price servicing plans for its range of MY20 SUVs as part of its strategy to “enhance customer trust”.

All but one of the capped-price servicing plans are cheaper than before after Jeep Australia “worked extremely hard to analyse and intricately understand the capped-price servicing models in the Australian market to build a compelling and competitive offer”.

While the Compass small SUV is available with petrol and diesel engines, both cost the same to service over their first five visits, at $1995, which is $600 less than before.

It’s a similar story for the Cherokee mid-size SUV, which is offered with two petrol engines that now cost $1995 to service (-$655).

The Wrangler off-roader is available with petrol and diesel engines, with the former now costing $1995 to service (-$500), while the latter is the exception to the rule, unchanged at $1995.

The Grand Cherokee large SUV’s 3.6-litre and 5.7-litre petrol engines both now cost $1995 to service, down $600 and $1020 respectively.

The flagship’s 3.0-litre diesel and 6.2-litre petrol engines are more expensive to service, at $2995 (-$1290) and $3995 (-$1370), but get the biggest savings.

Service intervals for the petrol engines listed above are every 12 months or 12,000km, whichever comes first, while their diesel counterparts can travel 20,000km between visits.

“I believe a successful aftersales business is key to delivering an end-to-end customer experience for Jeep owners, and we are committed to enhancing what we offer our customers in this regard, starting with the 2020 capped-price servicing program,” said recently appointed Jeep Australia boss Kevin Flynn.

2020 Jeep capped-price servicing plans (first five visits)

Model Cost
Compass 2.4-litre petrol $1995 (-$600)
Compass 2.0-litre diesel $1995 (-$600)
Cherokee 2.4-litre petrol $1995 (-$655)
Cherokee 3.2-litre petrol $1995 (-$655)
Wrangler 3.6-litre petrol $1995 (-$500)
Wrangler 2.2-litre diesel $1995 (N/A)
Grand Cherokee 3.6-litre petrol $1995 (-$600)
Grand Cherokee 3.0-litre diesel $2995 (-$1290)
Grand Cherokee 5.7-litre petrol $1995 (-$1020)
Grand Cherokee 6.2-litre petrol $3995 (-$1370)