How much will you pay for the Toyota Yaris GR? International pricing finally revealed

The international pricing for the Toyota’s fire breathing micro-machine has been revealed, providing the first clues toward what the Yaris GR might cost in Australia. 

In the UK, Toyota’s hard-charging hot hatch is priced from £29,995 (on the road) for the entry-level vehicle, which is currently the only trim locked in for Australia. 

And while a straight currency conversion is fraught with danger (it’s a whopping $58,823 for those playing at home), what’s of more interest is where that price sits on the broader hot hatch ladder. 

Answer? A fair way up it. A Fiesta ST, for example, will set you back around £20,000, so it’s pretty clear Toyota is targeting bigger hot hatches with its bite-sized Yaris.

In fact, its just-announced pricing pushes the Yaris towards VW Golf GTI money, which, in its current guise, will set you back £26,762 pounds before taxes, or £32,115 on the road. 

So, let’s play super sleuth for a moment. A Golf GTI currently lists at $46,190 in Australia (before on-road costs), while the new Fiesta ST will lob at $31,990 later this year.

Those two bookmarks mean we can pretty confidently price the Yaris GR at around the $40k mark – though more likely just above it – when it eventually arrives in Australia, currently scheduled for late this year. 

And yes, I know that sounds like a lot to pay for a city car, but you’re buying speed, not space, with the Yaris GR, with Toyota working hard to make its first hot hatch in eons worthy of the title. 

It will deliver a whopping 200kW and 370Nm from a 1.6-litre, turbocharged  three-cylinder engine, feeding that power to all four wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox.

That makes it more powerful than any other in its size segment, and even out-punches, in some ways, the bigger VW Golf GTI (180kW/370Nm) and Hyundai i30 N (202kW and 353Nm).