Fisker Ocean electric luxury SUV reservations open: 2022 launch for Tesla Model X rival

The Fisker Ocean luxury electric SUV won’t be a traditional offering – instead, the car will be offered as a flexible lease, with pricing starting at US$379 (AUD $558) per month.

The Fisker Ocean will launch in 2022 with that base level price, which is going to be available through a smartphone subscription style app. There will be no long-term contracts, and the brand says it will cover the cost of all maintenance and repairs – but users will need to put down US$2999 (AUD $4216) prior to 2022.

As such, there will be no ‘owners’ for the Ocean – instead, there will be users, and anyone wanting to partake in that service can now make a reservation for just US$250 (AUD $368). Users will need to take out insurance, but this will also be controlled through the app.

The company has also pointed to a future development of the user experience, possibly incorporating ride sharing, carpooling and even vehicle sharing. Under the standard plan, Fisker will include 30,000 miles (48,280km) of driving. And if you’re not happy with the car, or your needs change, you can return it after just one month.

The official full-scale reveal of the Fisker Ocean is due in January 2020, and the brand will tout the model as “the most sustainable electric luxury SUV”.

Henrik Fisker, chairman and CEO, said the user subscription plan will be varied to suit different needs – you won’t be able to completely customise the car, but you will be able to choose from a selection of different takes on the theme.

“We created five easy-to-choose option packages for Fisker Ocean that will be available to our reservation holders closer to the end of 2020,” he said. “This removes the complexity of complicated option configurators and allows Fisker to offer more unique experiences for less money. Customers will be able to see the vehicles and option packages when we begin rolling out our experience centres in shopping districts and airports, as well as book test drives through our app closer to the start of production.”