First AMG hybrid confirmed! Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door plug-in hybrid set for 2020

The brand most famous for snarling V8 petrol engines is about to go hybrid on us, with a plug-in version of the AMG GT 4-Door confirmed to reach the market by the end of 2020.

Speaking with Australian media at the Frankfurt motor show today, AMG global boss Tobias Moers confirmed that the GT 4-Door would lead the next generation of AMG products, which will add plug-in hybrid versions of the C-Class and S-Class at least.

“GT 4-Door is the first one in Europe, coming to the market,” Mr Moers said.

“The next generation cars are going to be performance hybrids.”

Mr Moers’ confirmation follows the announcement by Mercedes global boss Ola Källenius on the Frankfurt stand today that there are a variety of electrified AMG models planned, ranging from performance hybrid to fully electric drivetrain layouts.

The choice of GT 4-Door to lead the AMG hybrid charge (so to speak) should come as no surprise, given the concept version of the four-door coupe boasted the same drivetrain layout when it debuted at the Geneva motor show in 2017.

Mr Moers suggested the new model will live up to performance expectations in all traditional AMG areas of acceleration, dynamics and driver engagement, while adding a new dimension of battery performance.

“There’s no either or, we can combine a proper V8 with an electric motor,” he said.

“That’s the combination of a performing combustion engine with a performing electric drive unit, and a performing battery, with high power output and high power input.”

Industry rumours suggest the new model will wear a 73 moniker to place it above the existing petrol-only 63 model, which would represent a return of the ‘73’ badge for the first time since the limited-build SL 73 of the ‘90s that’s perhaps most famous for donating its engine to the Pagani Zonda.