Could the CX-30 2020 be Australia’s best-selling SUV?

Mazda Australia is gearing up to launch its new CX-30 small SUV, which will be positioned perfectly between the CX-3 and CX-5 in price and size, early next year, but don’t except the new nameplate to rocket up the sales charts.

Speaking to CarsGuide, Mazda Australia boss Vinesh Bhindi said the Japanese brand is not expecting the more affordable CX-30 to overtake its CX-5 sibling, which is the most popular SUV in the country, in sales.

“We’re not expecting that,” he said. “We think the medium SUV segment is still the bigger opportunity, but if the market decides that they prefer something a little smaller, we have many choices.”

To the end of October, Mazda has sold 21,966 units of the CX-5, with Toyota’s new-generation RAV4 quickly closing the gap on 19,732.

Meanwhile, the CX-3 has found just 12,671 new homes this year, a 9.0 per cent year-on-year drop.

The sub-$60,000 mid-size SUV segment is the second-largest in the Australia, last year finding 174,259 new customers, with the sub-$40,000 small SUV category coming in fourth with 122,706 sales behind third-placed 4×4 pick-ups (173,617).

Pricing for the CX-30 kicks off at $29,990 before on-road costs, positioned right between the $22,710 CX-3 and $30,880 CX-5.

However, the CX-30 is fitted with more equipment than the entry-level CX-5 Maxx, justifying its $1000 price difference with an 8.8-inch multimedia system and a comprehensive suite of advanced driver safety technology.

When asked if the CX-30 would add incremental sales to Mazda’s bottom line, Mr Bhindi said the brand does not expect to see the new model steal sales away from the existing CX-3 and CX-5.

“Cannibalisation is not something we’re worried about or think will happen,” he said.

“I think consumers are very much focused on their needs and wants, and will find what best suits them.

“What we look at is, there is a consumer demand and expectation – based on size, features and affordability – and they look at what options are there.

“CX-3 is for some consumers, but some of the consumers tell us that it’s a bit too small as their family grows, and maybe jumping to a CX-5 is maybe just a step too far.

“CX-30 is the perfect choice, as eventually their families grow and their needs grow.”