CarsGuide Podcast: Tools in the Shed ep. 112

Episode 112 – Ford vs Tesla – Tug-o’-War: Round 2

In this episode, James Cleary, Richard Berry and Matt Campbell gather in the garage to talk about all things motoring, including:

  • Ford and Tesla firing back at each other on social media and what electrification could mean for future battles between the two manufacturers
  • The future of the Holden Commodore. Could it morph into an electric SUV?
  • What we’ve been driving this week, including: The Audi A1 40 TFSI, Nissan X-Trail, and Renault Kadjar Intens.
  • And MuskWatch – This week: the Vernon Unsworth defamation case is underway, why Tesla doesn’t do market research (of course it doesn’t), Elon is launching muscular mice into space, and as always the guys check in on Tesla’s share price.

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