CarsGuide Podcast: Tools in the Shed ep. 103

Episode 103 – Getting to grips with the Kia Stinger

In this episode, Matt Campbell, Tom White and Crafty gather in the garage to talk about all things motoring, including:

  • Our choice for CarsGuide’s 2019 Adventure Car of the Year
  • Tom talks tyres and why they’re a more important purchase than you might think
  • What we’ve been driving this week, including: Toyota RAV4 hybrid, Infiniti Q50, and a beautifully burble-y Jaguar F-Pace SVR
  • And, as always, MuskWatch – This week: Tesla’s version 10 Smart Summon causes confusion, the Model 3 kets a new key, Elon launches into twitter again to discuss space and the Starship, and as always the guys check in on the Tesla share price

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