And you thought the Toyota HiLux was popular! This car outsold it by five-to-one

If you’ve never heard of the Honda N-Box, you’ve probably never been to Japan.

This diminutive city-sized Kei van is as much a part of the landscape in its home country as Camry Hybrid taxis are in Australia. They’re everywhere.

In fact, this model was the best-selling car in Japan in 2019 by a country mile – so popular, in fact, it outsold the Australia’s Toyota HiLux by a margin of five-to-one.

The N-Box accounted for 253,500 sales in 2019 – that’s 530 per cent more than the Toyota HiLux managed in Australia in 2019 (47,649).

The Honda N-Box is available in three trim grades, but comes only with a 660cc petrol engine (some versions are turbocharged) with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) automatic and the choice of front- or all-wheel drive.

Part of the reason the N-Box is so popular is its price point – the tiny four-seater van costs from 1,411,300 Japanese yen – or AUD $18,680.